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In All Things (Give Thanks)

Kelly did not dance at her high school prom. She never got the experience of playing an organized sport, training for a marathon or joining in a game of tag. She didn't walk down the aisle on her wedding day. Instead, Kelly has spent the last three decades battling a chronic illness. Yet, if you have the pleasure of meeting her, you would never catch wind of ...

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Everything The Light Touches

"Everything the light touches is yours"-Moufasa, Lion King

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A New Way to Lean In

When I tell people my life's story I'm usually met with glaring eyes and awkward silence. Sometimes there are I'm sorry's or other exchanges of condolences. But then, there are a few times when people will muster up the courage to ask how I made it through the things I experienced. The simplest and most Christian answer is, " the grace of God." Hallelujah! It's certainly true. If it weren't for God's love I wouldn't be a fraction of the woman I am today. But that's an easy an answer. It's an answer we toss around because it sounds pious and RC (religiously correct). Except it leaves out the details.

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