What You Can Do

Posted on October 2, 2014

Every so often I have the honor of coming across someone magical. You know how it goes: You’re doing life as normal then God drops a person in your path who is Jesus manifested. This is how it went when I connected with Melissa. She and I have bonded thousands of miles apart over our shared love for Jesus, our not so shared love for heartbreak, and being women and youth advocates. Melissa, who moved to the Philippines, has dedicated her life to helping the children of Cebu.

I was inspired by her story and needed to know how I could help. Melissa told me what she truly needed was more people to be aware of what is happening in the Philippines and how they can join her mission. That being said, no essay from me today–just a call to action. Will you please read Melissa’s story  below and consider supporting her mission? If you are unable to support, please help spread the word by sharing this on your social media channels.

Sometimes personal trials can be a catalyst for change. After an extremely rough 2013, I felt it was either now or never to pursue my dream of full time missions work. But how? Where? Oh, and God…HOW? For three months late last year, I turned my studio apartment in Seoul, South Korea into a prayer closet. I listed all my ministry dreams–mainly centered around music and hurting children–and I poured my heart out to God again and again.

When we are seeking God about our next step, our job is to be faithful and obedient and His job is to figure out how. I never would have guessed how God brought about my ministry opportunity. On a regular night last November, I attended my church’s monthly prayer meeting for the reunification of North and South Korea. But this particular evening, they decided to focus on the Philippines because Typhoon Haiyan had just happened. As we all prayed for the victims of the storm, I felt the Lord leading my prayers towards His workers who were already there. I felt God saying that He has people stationed in key places and this is His land. The pastor encouraged us to pray with the people sitting next to us so I introduced myself to the lady next to me.

Long story short: she was from the Philippines and was looking for a team to go back to her hometown and minister to her family and neighbors on the island of Cebu. She is skilled at preaching and mobilizing people, but needed someone who could lead the music and work with kids. I was shocked, but I’m sure Jesus had a big smile on His face like, “See? I told you I had a plan. I’m inviting you to be part of what I’m doing there.”

We prepared for the next three months and began operating in the Philippines as a non-profit organization in March 2014. We’ve rented a house and it’s open to all for free dinners, knitting classes and Bible studies. The goal of this extended missions trip is to first see this one neighborhood come to know the all-encompassing love of Jesus. Secondly, we’re working on a knitting livelihood project with the end goal of local women operating their own online store. Thirdly, we hope to provide a college education for the 70 kids we’re working with as a deterrent to the prostitution, teenage pregnancy, and human trafficking that’s so prevalent in this area.

If you have a moment, please pray for the women and children we’re ministering to. Pray that eyes will be opened and ears will hear the good news. Pray for the light of Jesus to shine in all the dark corners of this neighborhood. To find out more about our ministry or to become a financial partner, visit our website at http://www.multigivermissions.org.


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